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Alfred and Alice Player, Winnie (left) and Mary - 1907

Mary Elizabeth Player (Woodier), wife of Thomas Player, mother of Alfred

A Player family group

Back row: Tom, Florrie, Louie (Agnes Louisa), Alice (2nd from right); Front: Alf (1st at left), then Winnie and Frank. The other two are unidentified.

Thomas Player, husband of Mary Elizabeth, father of Alfred.

Florrie Player, daughter of Mary Elizabeth and Thomas

Alfred and Alice Player on their 60th wedding anniversary

Mary L. Player, daughter of Alfred and Alice, 1907

Winnifred Player, daughter of Alf and Alice, 1899-1967

Alf Player (right) and his son Alfred Francis, 1914-1986

Thomas M. Player, son of Alf and Alice, 1919-1941

Alice Player and daughter Bessie E. (Bet), 1916-1997

Bessie Player as a young child